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Trading Hours:

Tuesdays – Thursdays 9:30am – 5:30pm

Fridays 8am – 6pm

Saturdays 9am – 1pm


Pre-order cut-off times:

Mondays at noon for all fruit and vegetable boxes and groceries

Wednesdays 10pm for all fresh seafood orders

Trial fruit and vegetable boxes available, or subscribe to weekly, fortnightly or monthly boxes to receive a 5% discount. Subscriptions can be easily paused if you are going on holidays or you need less food in any week. Subscriptions need to be paused or cancelled by the Sunday night before your Friday pickup.

Build your grocery order by adding meat, eggs, dairy, bread, seafood and all your other grocery needs.

By Monday noon each week submit your order for everything except fresh seafood. If you order after this time then your order may not be available for pickup until the following Friday week. You can call us on 4841 5202 to check on your order.

Wednesday 3pm-10pm each week submit your fresh seafood order. Weekly seafood products available will be updated on our website every Wednesday by 3pm. Subscribers to our newsletter will be sent a reminder once the seafood specials are available for ordering each week.

Then, simply pick up your order each Friday from 8am – 6pm or Saturday 9am – 1pm from our shop at 135 Finlay Rd, Goulburn (depending on what you order, available pickup times will vary as some items such as Healthybake organic sourdough breads, some fresh yoghurts and fresh seafood don’t arrive until Friday mornings – you will be notified when your full order is ready for pickup). We also now offer a home delivery service if you live in Goulburn within 7km from the CBD. If you select this option at checkout, your order will be delivered between 3pm – 7pm on Fridays. 

We will also have a range of organic fruits and vegetables in store should you not pre-order with us, you can come and pick your own in store.

Feel free to visit our store during our opening hours from Tuesday to Saturday to meet us, discuss your grocery needs or buy what we have stocked in store. 

Please note: we don’t have the full range available in our store that we are selling online and we have some products in store only.  Please be aware though that this means that sometimes you may pre-order an item that is out of stock with our suppliers in which case you will be offered the option to substitute for something else if possible, to hold over your order until the item is back in stock or you can be given a refund straight away for that item.

Organic - all natural

allergy-friendly groceries

A Source of Vitamins

Vegetables & fruits can be eaten either raw or cooked and play an important role in human nutrition, being mostly low in fat and carbohydrates, but high in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

Why Eat Organic Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables successfully grown using organic principles come from soil that is loved and nourished resulting in higher nutrient and antioxidant levels compared with conventional fruits and vegetables. Organic produce is also grown without the use of nasty pesticides and chemicals reducing the load of toxins in your body. 

Organically certified quality

Elimination of all possible pollution in soils as a result of certified organic farming practices ensures the delivery of the purest organic produce. 

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