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Organic Risotto Rice – Carnaroli or Arborio 500g




Cascina Belvedere is one of few rice companies to manage directly the whole production process from seeding to packaging, they are proud of their sustainable cultivating practices, traceability of rice products, and use of traditional not industrial methods, this is reflected in their use of recycled cardboard for packaging, and their decision to cultivate rice in an area of Bianzè in Italy, in the Northern Po valley, designated for repopulation of flora and fauna and its own fishing reserve.

Each rice is of high organic quality and fulfils the Italian legal requirements of ‘Extra Quality’ or ‘Superfino’ rice, to ensure freshness, all of these rices are vacuum packed.

Carnaroli – Considered the best rice for making risottos, hard to overcook, creates
a natural creamy risotto, with well separated rice grains, will remain slightly al dente when
cooked. Doesn’t require much stirring.

Arborio – Most commonly used for risotto, has a slightly chewy centre and makes a creamy risotto, easy to
overcook, so you can end up with a messy risotto. Best for those who don’t like an al dente texture.

Certified Organic by USDA

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Carnaroli, Arborio