Wild Sockeye Salmon USA ~ 800g


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Frozen fillet of wild caught MSC certified sockeye-red salmon (skin on) from the USA. Fillets range in size from 600-800g. Price is for 800g so if your fillet is a lesser weight then you will be given a part refund for the difference in weight.

Wild sockeye salmon meat is bright red to orange in colour and remains red after being cooked. The meat is firm, fatty and rich in flavour.

Sockeye salmon are anadromous where they hatch in freshwater streams and rivers then after 1-3 years they reach the smolt stage and migrate to the ocean to feed and grow.

This fillet is sold frozen. If you would like us to thaw for you, please let us know in the notes section at checkout. If you have a preference towards a smaller sized fillet (minimum is approx. 600g) then also please let us know in the notes section at checkout and we will supply the fillet closest to the weight requested.