Grain Free Beef Preservative Free Sausages 6 sausages (~700g)


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Made on the premises at Griffith Butchery, Canberra ACT and continuing the characteristics of early times with traditional methods, all sausages are made using natural sausage casings. Pure grass-fed beef raised using biodynamic practices but not certified organic, these sausages are made with traditional techniques and are preservative free. Whilst no gluten containing ingredients are added, there may be traces of gluten as the premises is not a gluten free facility. Also may contain traces of sesame, tree nuts, egg and milk.

Not certified organic, Keep frozen until ready to thaw for cooking. Always thaw in the fridge in temperatures <4°C. Once thawed, cook within 48 hours.

Ingredients: Pristine grass-fed beef, salt, paprika, white pepper, dextrose

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