Balmain bugs cooked ~1kg (6-12 bugs) or 150g (1-2 bugs)




Balmain bugs – cooked ready to eat ~ 1kg (6-10 bugs) or each (100-150g).

Average yield is 30% from each bug with the edible flesh only in the tail. Has a medium-strong flavour (more ‘fishy’ than Moreton Bay Bugs), low oiliness and firm flesh.

To remove meat from shells, either split Bug lengthwise, or, to keep meat in one piece, remove head, turn tail over and cut down either side of the tail using kitchen scissors, peel underside of tail back and remove meat.

Do not recook cooked Bugs. Eat cold in salads or with a dipping sauce. This is a frozen product that will be thawed for you. If you would prefer us to keep frozen please make a note in the orders notes section at checkout.

Order cut-off for this product is Wednesday 10pm for pickup your choice of time within the hours noon – 6pm Friday or 9am – 1pm Saturday.


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1 bug (100-150g), 1kg (6-10 bugs)


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