Barramundi – Infinity Blue Farmed QLD ~ 200g portion




Barramundi from Infinity Blue, Etty Bay QLD ~ 200g portion. This farmed saltwater barramundi recently took out the gold and silver medals at the 2021 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show!

The Infinity Blue farm at Etty Bay QLD is nestled between rainforest and reef in one of Australia’s most beautiful and pristine environments.  The property preserves 32ha of unique wetland in its’ natural state with amazing biodiversity, showcasing a commitment to conservation and sustainability.

Etty Bay produces a premium saltwater Barramundi. This fish has firm, moist texture and large, meaty flakes once cooked. The pristine water source produces an amazingly clean and crisp flavour. The best ingredients provide versatility across a wide range of cuisines, dishes and cooking styles. Etty Bay Barramundi has a succulent, buttery finish and excellent natural fat content. From beautiful hot and cold smoked offerings, fresh ceviche, classic crispy skin portions, to sautéed and steamed dishes – it’s time to get creative! For those who aren’t keen on getting creative or may not be confident in cooking fish, barramundi is very forgiving and is hard to go wrong with – leans itself to the most simple of cooking as well as the more creative dishes!

Infinity Blue Barramundi are grown in pristine water conditions with no antibiotics, hormones, colourants or whitening agents used and are harvested using best practices to minimise stress.

By eating Infinity Blue Barramundi, you are saving our oceans, one fish at a time!

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