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Kingfish SA ~700g (1 fillet) or whole fish ~2.5kg




Fresh wild caught yellowtail kingfish from South Australia ~ 700g (1 fillet) or whole fish (~2.5kg). If your fillet arrives at a lesser weight then you will be given a part refund for the weight difference.

Kingfish has a firm slightly oily white flesh with a beautiful silky texture when cooked.¬† Delicious grilled or on the barbeque and is also great for sashimi. Also high in omega 3’s, kingfish is a nutritious seafood choice.

This fish is fresh so if this quantity is too much for you for one meal, it is suitable to freeze for later use.

Please add to the note section at checkout if you would like us to cryovac package seal and/or portion your fish for you.

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Fillet ~ 700g, whole fish ~ 2.5kg