Huon Cold Smoked Salmon 200g




Huon salmon is cold smoked delicately for up to 12 hours to give it that signature flavour people always come back for. Pre-sliced and ready to serve the Huon Premium Cold Smoked Salmon is
perfect for entertainment platters, accompanied by cream cheese and crackers for lunch, tossed through a salad or pasta, as a healthy snack, or for sandwiches for kids and adults alike.

This smoked salmon is sold frozen and has a best before date of April 2025. Once thawed, this smoked salmon should be consumed within 21 days and once opened within 3 days.

The Huon salmon farm in Tasmania practices a holistic approach to fish farming. They achieve this through a strong focus on fish health, welfare and biosecurity. All feed used is genetically modified free and they have very low fish stocking densities which reduces stress on the fish. Consequently, they have very little issues with disease and minimal need for the use of any antibiotic treatments. Their practices ensure a sustainable approach to farming, for example, they use less wild caught fish in their fish feed compared with the amount of salmon produced.

Order cut-off for this product is Wednesdays 10pm for pickup your choice of time within the hours Friday noon – 6pm or Saturday 9am – 1pm.


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Single (150-200g), 1kg (5-6 bugs)