Whole Chicken LARGE – Local Chemical Free – Branch & Burrow




Whole Chickens grown with love and respect on a small family farm Branch & Burrow near Braidwood NSW on diverse chemical free pasture ’24/7′ from around 3 weeks of age. These chickens are grown slowly to develop flavour, texture and size, after lots of trials to get it just right.

As well as being on pasture, they are fed a balanced grain mix with no antibiotics or nasty chemicals added, and they spend their days chasing bugs and enjoying the sunshine.

Branch & Burrow chickens are processed in a small family run facility without the use of Chlorine.

P.s. Don’t forget to save the bones for broth!

Whole chickens are available in sizes from approximately 1.5kg to 2.2kg

SOLD FROZEN. Defrost in the fridge below 4°C then once defrosted cook within 48 hours.

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