Small Organic Fruit Box

$29.00 / 2 weeks$30.00



Best suited to singles or couples or families as a top-up box. 


Order a trial box or if you subscribe to a weekly, fortnightly or monthly box you save 5% and don’t need to worry about ordering your fruit each week, you just need to pick up your order on Fridays once we notify you that your order is ready for pickup!


This box of all certified organic fruit would be best suited to singles or couples or families wanting a top up of fruit to add to their mixed fruit and vegetable box. If you would find this too much for you in a week you may want to subscribe fortnightly or monthly instead of weekly as this produce, if stored correctly, will easily stay fresh for two weeks. This box includes 6-8 varieties of fruit. The varieties and quantities will vary due to the seasonal availability and price variability of fruit throughout the year. This box will predominately include staples subject to what is available within each season such us 1-3 varieties of apples, oranges, bananas, pears and grapes. We strive to select the varieties that are in season so we can supply you with the freshest and best organic produce on the market. If there are any fruits that you or a family member have allergies to or any that you simply won’t eat then please use the Order Notes box at checkout to let us know and we will endeavour to swap out that item for a fruit that you love instead. The box pictured is an example only and may contain different varieties of fruit to what you will receive each order.  All of our boxes are subject to our quality guarantee.



By buying this box you are not only supporting yourself and your family to reduce toxins in your life through your food, but you are also supporting your environment with our eco-friendly 100% plastic-free packaging. Our cardboard boxes are made from 70% recycled cardboard and are reusable and recyclable. For items such as loose salad greens or watermelon pieces that require some covering, Compost-A-Pak food safe produce bags or SugarWrap compostable clingwrap will be used which are Australian certified home and commercial compostable plastic-free eco-friendly products.

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