WGAC 100% recycled 3-ply toilet paper – 9 pack




Made from 100% recycled fibres, each roll will immediately turn your bathroom into that eco-friendly paradise you’ve been longing for (personal waterfall not included). The soft, 3 ply sheets make for a super comfy wipe. Competitively priced with supermarket rolls, they feel good on your bum and your budget.

When it comes to price, these rolls are a pretty sweet deal. Most TP brands measure by cost per roll (not per sheet), so they can make single length rolls with fewer sheets. But because these are double-length rolls (at least 370 sheets), this toilet paper may seem a bit more expensive. In reality, they are about on par (if not more affordable) than TP you’d find at a supermarket.

Who Gives A Crap are not so keen on cutting down trees just to make toilet paper, which is why these rolls are made from 100% recycled office paper. These 100% recycled rolls are the eco-friendliest toilet paper made. Not so fun fact – 27,000 trees are cut down each day just to make TP. Eek! But don’t worry these eco-friendly rolls are helping to reduce deforestation one sheet at a time.

Finding a toilet isn’t always so easy. Who Gives A Crap shed light on the billions of people who lack access to a dignified loo. Toilets help keep communities from getting sick, provide a safe space for feminine hygiene, dispose of waste and so much more. That’s Who Gives A Crap donate half of their profits to fund sanitation projects around the world. Every time you purchase this toilet paper, you’re helping others gain access to a loo, too. Nice!


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Single, 6 rolls