Our local friends & suppliers of the freshest produce!

Calenny Orchard - Fernando and Kerry Caligiore

Calenny Orchard is located in Crooked Corner NSW.

Fernando and Kerry’s growing journey began 18 years ago, to educate their children about eating seasonally, growing food in a respectful manner that is sustainable and non intrusive to the Earth. They value the respect of habitats to ensure the native flora and fauna were not disrupted by their presence.

They are keepers of honey bees with their beekeeping practices respectful, never placing the hive population under threat. Their honey bees forage free from pollutants due to their location. Their beeswax products are made with organic ingredients and all beeswax used in their products comes from their hives at Calenny Orchard.

Working towards reducing their carbon footprint and addressing global warming are fundamental to their practicing philosophy. They do not use any chemicals in their practices, optioning for natural solutions. Their orchard consists of 62 trees of cherry, apple, pear, fig, almond, garlic and olives. They began growing sunflowers two seasons ago to help feed their bees which has now also grown into a boutique business. They also grow a seasonal range of vegetables including tomatoes, beetroot, radish, cucumbers, beans, zucchini and lettuce.

Fernando and Kerry acknowledge the Gundungurra People, Traditional Custodians of the land on which they farm. They pay their respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging, and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

Highland Organics - Bill Smillie

The story of how Highland Organics became certified organic milk producers really starts on a small farm in Scotland in the late 1950’s. Having been the one person in the family to embrace the farms small dairy operation, youngest son Tom was handed the task of running it. Aged only 16 and left to his own devices, Tom soon started doing things a bit differently. Traditionally the cows would be housed from September to April or May. Seeing the effect it was having on the cows he started letting them out in the snow for an hour a day and immediately saw improvement in their health. Time passed and in a new location on the other side of the world at Moss Vale, Tom continued to challenge the methods of the so-called farming expert’s by using observations and experiences to shape the way the family farmed. Sons Bill and Ewen joined the business after school and expanded to another farm at Nowra. The mid 90’s saw father Tom and youngest son Ewen dairying at Nowra and oldest son Bill milking at Moss Vale. The first rumblings about deregulation of the dairy started about then and by 1998 it appeared inevitable. While this was going to be bad news for the local industry it would also allow people to process their own milk for the first time.

On numerous working trips to the U.K and Scotland in the 80’s and 90’s Bill had seen the rise in the organic farming industries in Europe and realised quickly that his family were already farming organically. As a result, Bill gained organic certification for the Moss Vale dairy in September 1999. By 2004 Bill had convinced Tom and Ewen to become certified organic as well. Then followed the challenge of getting this wonderful milk processed. In May 2004 Highland Organics was born. By 2009 it was apparent they needed a purpose-built factory. Highland Organics opened its organic cheese factory a few hundred yards from the site of the original Dairy farmers milk factory in Moss Vale. With the help of veteran French cheese maker Andre’ Poirot and the support of Toby Lawson, a former school friend of Bill who became a shareholder, their factory was opened in November 2009. Highland Organics can truly claim to be Sydney, Canberra and the South Coast’s only local organic dairy.

Taluca Park Free Range – Frank and Annemarie Vigliante

Taluca Park is located in the picturesque Southern Highlands, in the small town of Exeter. Owned by Frank and Annemarie Vigliante, it is a family run farm on 140 acres on which they raise Berkshire pigs, free-range pasture raised egg laying Chickens and Angus Cattle. While farming is in their blood their passion for farming came about from a desire to eat quality, chemical free produce. They run their business with transparent farming allowing their customers and chefs to see 100% of what they do. At Taluca Park, Frank and Annemarie believe in grass first, wide open spaces and as little interference as possible to deliver the best results in everything they grow and raise on their farm. They believe that biodynamic practices together with holistic management and the moving of animals to regenerate the landscape produces some of the best produce available. Their ethical approach to sustainable farming ensures their animals all lead a happy and healthy life at Taluca Park. Their healthy free roaming chickens have a constant supply of seed and grain to satisfy their dietary requirements, but they are also free to roam on fresh green biodynamic pasture all day long. Utilising rotational grazing practices, relocating their birds on a weekly basis onto fresh pasture enables their hens to scratch and peck for worms, dust bath and roam free with never more than 24 chickens to an acre.

Windellema Organics - Lyn Jones & Russell Farr

Think peace, think bird calls, think wide pasture land in Windellama on the NSW Southern Tablelands. That’s our slice of paradise. As a certified organic farm for over 25 years, Windellama Organics is proud to continue guardianship of the land, wildlife and plant habitat. It is our mission to grow and make natural, ethical and beautiful food & herbal products.

In 2009 we took ownership of the farm to escape the chaos of Sydney. It’s been a steep learning curve, but the serenity, the wildlife and the wild beauty of the land has brought us both pleasure and adventure.

Since then, we’ve raised caravan loads of happy chooks, who’ve given us lovely eggs and companionship. We’ve grown tasty tomatoes, bountiful fruit, vegetables and made scrumptious jams & pickles.

More recently, Lyn has used her background in Herbal Medicine to make delicious organic teas and natural skincare products from our garden herbs, weeds and flowers.

It is our pleasure to offer you Nature’s Gifts from our Farm & Garden.

Griffith Butchery – Richard Odell

Richard is a free-range, pasture-fed specialist butcher in Canberra. He has been in business with the same farmer since 1990. Being free range and grass fed without herbicides, pesticides or hormones is what makes Griffith Butchery beef and lamb locally and ethically produced food, becoming the future of the industry.  

Richard grew up in Canberra but was born in Bega, New South Wales, making farming in his blood. He started butchering because it enabled him to leave school which he had no passion in.

Cleaning up two afternoons a week at a local butchery is where it all began. When he was 15, an apprenticeship came up, so he decided to take this opportunity. He finished his apprenticeship in the early 1980’s and it wasn’t until he travelled with his wife around Australia with the first two of now five children that he began to think about having his own business.

He opened Griffith Butchery in 1989 and knew right from the beginning that people cared about what was in the food that they buy. Richard does things in a traditional way and utilizes the entire carcass of the beast to respect the animal’s sacrifice.

Moonacres Farm – Phil & Lisa Lavers


Moonacres was born in 2006, when Phil Lavers, then working as a financial trader in Toyko, and his wife Lisa decided to bring their young family back to Australia to enjoy a more family-oriented way of life.

With their 140 acres of rich red basalt soil, in a beautiful location in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Phil and Lisa set about creating a farm to produce the best produce possible. And of course, that meant it would be organic.

“I had no idea what I was doing,” says Phil. “I used to go to the Burrawang pub to ask for advice. There’s nothing more exciting to a bunch of half-tanked guys than a bogged tractor.”

Despite some trials and failures – like half a paddock of purple potatoes no one bought – Moonacres is now thriving, and supplies some of Sydney’s and regional NSW’s best restaurants plus sells at markets and delivers their produce to customers who live in the Southern Highlands.

As well as producing the best tasting fruit and veggies sought by Sydney’s top chefs, Phil runs Moonacres as a working example of the future of farming and is a fierce advocate for the protection of the land. “Our soil is disappearing. It’s poisoned, trampled, filled with salt, drained of nutrients. The soil is like a balloon stretched to its thinnest – and that thin layer sustains everything. When it all blows away, what are we going to eat?”

Whenever you eat Moonacres produce, you can be confident that everything in the chain has been looked after and treated ethically – from the soil, to the truck driver who delivered it. And that’s what makes Moonacres produce taste so good.

“Just taste an apple that’s been looked after,” says Phil. “That’s all I want you to do.”